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Do you want a few days of total relax, enjoy the beautiful nature of the Yungas, awakened by the song of tropical birds and a unique experience between wild animals, come to La Senda Verde. They have created a small eco resort to cover the costs of the animal sanctuary. If you stay at the eco resort you will notice that things are a little bit different, as the animals come in the first place. With this knowledge your are gonna have a unique vacation, and beside that you are helping these animals a lot. Upon arrival you will receive information about the animals and the animal rescue centre. There are strict rules in La Senda Verde about touching the wild animals. You are gonna be the gast of the animals and need to respect there territory. Volunteers are always availble to give you a tour as long as it not coincide with feeding the animals.

Death road

La Senda Verde eco resort is a three hours drive from La Paz, and is half an hour’s drive from the beautiful village of Coroico. In the area there are various activities such as zipline, ancient Inca trails paths, beautiful waterfalls, canyoning, bike to LSV taking the deathroad and many beautiful hiking trails. Wonderful activities and staying overnight between the wild animals is a guarantee for a unique eco holiday.

There are three types of eco lodge:

Small lodge:

Small lodge

These cozy lodges are for 2 people. In the lodge are two single beds. There is a separate shower and toilet block which is also used by other small eco lodges. Enjoy in front of your lodge and see the animals flying, jumping and walk by. Price p / n 13 Euro inc. breakfast.

big  lodge

Big  lodge:

LSV has 4 large 5 person eco lodges these are provided with a double bed and on the second floor a second bedroom option. All major lodges have their own private shower and toilet. In every lodge there is a beautiful outdoor veranda with all around mosquito netting. Here you can enjoy all the animals that pass by. Price p / n 18 Euro inc. breakfast

Tree house:

Tree house

There is a cozy, intimate 4-person tree house. At the front is a small balcony which offers stunning views of LSV area. This lodge is designed for backpackers, so bring your own sleeping bags. But there is a possibility to rent sheets. Toilets and showers are at a short walk from the tree. Price p / n 14 Euro inc. breakfast

El Arca

Staying for the night includes breakfast, which is prepared in the restaurant. Then also there is the possibility to have lunch or dinner in the restaurant.The food is made from organic products bought from the local farmers. Every day for lunch they make home made fresh pasta that is served with various sauces and salad, the restaurant serves drinks and snacks. There is a separate big lodge at the eco resort which is arranged as a bar, called: El Arca. Here you can have a cozy evening drink, there is opportunity to play a game of pool or watch movies.


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Home made pasta

Edgar is busy making fresh pasta every day

Also the spider monkeys love the pasta